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The “hidden in plain sight” Aikido of the founder of Aikido and his inner students, transmitted openly and fully to all Yuishinkai students by his direct student Maruyama Koretoshi Sensei.

Kids and Teens Aikido enrolling now for Term 1 of 2020!! Fun, Friendly, Challenging, Inner Calm, Resilience, Confidence and Competence. The training is age-specific.

ASD-friendly class for Kids and Teens on Wednesdays at Deakin.

Adult and senior Teen students are invited to a seminar with the Chief Instructor of Australia at the Qeanbeyan Dojo on May 2 and 3.

Adults Aikido classes enrolling now!

Kenjutsu classes enrolling now! Authentic Sword style from Japan’s 1600’s.

Adults Aikido classes enrolling now! Get in touch.

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