Aikido and Love

In the vision the founder had of Aikido was often romanticised version of spirituality based on love, peace and harmony. When we think of love, we think of an emotional attachment, but the truth of the love that the founder envisaged was a little different.

It is a long held eastern religious and philosophical belief that humans have been here before, and will be again, and some place, in between the then and the now we were given a life mission, a promise to fulfill.

Each unique to the individual.

Through the process of birth and conditioning, as well as accumulated Kama of past lives the true spirit is dulled by Kagare, a pollution or defilement.

An easy way to understand it is by thinking of it a dust that dulls the mirror of the soul. 
This impurity is removed through daily arduous training, especially ukemi, as well as self reflection.

The founder often performed misogi, ritual spiritual purification, especially with cold water in order to “wash away” these impurities. In his later years, he came to believe that Aikido, through its very nature could perform the same task, misogi harai, to clear away the dust or dirt that dims the spirit.

This is in the art of ukemi.

Through a positive spirit of non intent, nage absorbs the the energy of uke, with correct form it is taken into the Hara, and from there, linking through the ground connection to earth, is taken into the heavenly realm, through the posture of heaven/earth/man. Without intent this energy is purified and then returned to uke. 
The technique of Aikido is a result of the interaction, rather than a precursor to action.

We study the kata of Aikido to understand the secrets that are hidden within. 
We take ukemi to increase our understanding of the connection to hara, of grounding and redirection force, and to learn to understand the true spirit of what it means to master Aiki.

That the master is always the receiver.

When we have understood all these things we can become enlightened to our true nature, and discover our true purpose in this world. To discover this purpose, and to fulfill this purpose is true love. This is not an emotional love, but an all encompassing love that is more benevolent than conditional. It is to understand what it means to be 
ame no murakumo kuki samuhara no ryu, the dragon deity that protects all things in nature.

Aikido was designed by the founder to this end alone. Aikido is his creation, his gift to the world that he believed needed a new spiritual foundation based on tanren, tempering the spirit through training the body.

Who has the heart to truly follow his vision???

That know the true heart, see the true self.
No motion – no stillness.
No birth – no vanishing.
No going – no coming.
No right – no wrong. 
No dwelling – no drifting.

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