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Aikido for KIDS – ENROL for TERM2 2024!!

5-8 years and 9-Teen years classes. Fun, Friendly, Challenging, Inner Calm, Resilience, Confidence and Competence.

HOLIDAY PROGRAMALL WELCOME!!! Beginners and existing students, aged 5-8 and 9-Teen, all catered for. Details are on the Kids’ Info page. The program will run in the holiday period following Term2 for three half-days on July 16/17/18.

AIKIDO – The “Hidden-in-Plain-Sight” Aikido of Ueshiba Morihei, with the shiden fully and openly transmitted to all Yuishinkai students by his direct student Maruyama Koretoshi. Adult classes and AikiKids classes (5-8s and 9-teens).

KENJUTSU and JODO classes enrolling now! Authentic Sword and Jo style from Japan’s 1600’s. See the drop-down under the “About Yuishinkai Aikido” menu. Open to Teens and Adults.

Adults Aikido classes enrolling now! Get in touch.

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